Forensic Sketches of Eight Literary Criminals
I completed several illustrations for the December 2009 Art issue of the Believer Magazine.

Is a mastery all its own, and I am proud to be an expert in this field.

~ Barbara Anderson, Artist

Forever Elvis
I completed an age-progression sketch of Elvis Presley   for the Sacramento Bee newspaper.


A little history on the evolution of forensic art:


Traditionally, the term "art" referred to any skill or mastery. This conception  changed during the Romantic period (18th century Western Europe), when art came to be seen as a special faculty of the human mind, to be classified with religion and science. Art is simply made with the intention of stimulating thoughts and emotions. ~Wikipedia
Art has evolved over the centuries, transformed lives and has roots in almost every aspect of our existence. Today, we can take the skull of our ancestors and bring them back to life. The skilled hands of an artist can put a face to the people from generations before and help answer our questions about who we are.

The term "forensic" comes from the Roman forum where law and politics were debated. It is from this beginning that the word forensic now means anything pertaining to legal proceedings, law enforcement, or debate. It is not surprising that art can also be used forensically with amazing results.

Art continues to expand within the world of forensics, where it is now regarded as an essential law enforcement resource for finding criminals and identifying the unknown. The finished product can be a composite sketch of a suspect being sought or a detailed facial reconstruction sculpture of a person who has no name.

This case demonstrates the use of black powder to provide distinct friction ridge detail in the photographed images of a cadaver hand.


article published in the Journal of Forensic identification volume 59 (3) may/june 2009.

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Death Mask of Napoleon Boneparte
Shortly after his death in 1821 a casting was made of the emperor's face...

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