• Distinguished Member Award - DMORT Region-9

  • Distinguished Service Award - Sacramento Police Department

  • Jay Reynolds Award for "Exceptional Professional Commitment"

  • Certificate of Excellence in Law Enforcement - Ben Ali Peace Officer's Association

  • Certified Forensic Artist and Senior Crime Scene Analyst - International Association for Identification

Age Progression Techniques
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Forensic Imaging Unit

Alexandria, Virginia

Professional Facial Reconstruction
University of Manchester, Unit of Art in Medicine

Manchester, England

Human Osteology
California State University, Sacramento

Anthropology Department

Forensic Facial Imaging
FBI Academy

Quantico, Virginia


Training Background

Mastering Composite Drawing
Northwestern University, Center for Public Safety

Evanston, Illinois

Advanced Facial Reconstruction Sculpture
University of Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma

Barbara Anderson  is a Forensic Artist & Sculptor specializing in facial  reconstructions from the skull, composite sketching, and age-progression drawing. She combines her ability to draw with her investigative skills to help solve crimes and find missing persons. 

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice which is how she got started in the field of Forensics. For 19 years, she worked in the Forensic Investigation Unit for the Sacramento Police Department in California and became the Police Departments first Forensic Artist. 

Her expertise extends beyond art & includes crime scene  investigation, anthropology, and photography.

She works in many different art mediums, however sculpting with clay and drawing with pastels and pencils are her favorites. Doing sidewalk murals in chalk or an oil painting is always a fun thing to do too.

As a Medical Investigator and Forensic Photographer with the Federal Government, she is part of a team of specialists who deploy out to disaster scenes and assist in the identification of victims of mass fatalities.


Advanced 2-Dimensional Identification Techniques & Portrait Sculpting in Clay
Scottsdale Artists' School

Scottsdale, Arizona

Art and Forensics

Human Identification in Anthropology
University of Tennessee, Anthropology Department

Knoxville, Tennessee

"Ku Lokomaika'i"

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